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1. What does 'ct' mean?

The abbreviation 'ct' = carat. Carat is the unit of measure used for gold. This terminology is most commonly found when referring to 9ct or 18ct gold jewellery.


2. What is the difference between gold and sterling silver?

Understanding the difference between gold and silver in terms of strength, durability, performance, colour and price can help finalise your decision for your next jewellery purchase.

Gold and silver are classed as 'noble' precious metals as they are both durable and have a high lustre, making them perfect for jewellery. Gold jewellery is generally more expensive partly because it has a much higher performance rate. Gold has the properties to withstand everyday wear and scratches, whereas silver tarnishes easily.

Gold is also hypoallergenic compared with silver which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

We recommend selecting 18ct gold jewellery if you plan on wearing it everyday. If your precious metal jewellery is looked after carefully, cleaned with a soft cleaning cloth regularly and stored safely, your quality jewellery should last a life time. 


3. What is the difference between 9ct gold and 18ct gold?

18ct is made up of 75% pure gold and 9ct is made up of 37.5% pure gold. Therefore 18ct contains more fine gold parts than 9ct. The most pure gold composition is 24ct, however it isn't often used to make jewellery as it is much softer and more malleable.

9ct as an alloy consists of more silver parts and as a result is more likely to tarnish and scratch over time. 18ct gold is more durable, it boasts longevity and is generally recommended over 9ct gold for everyday and more expensive jewellery. 


4. How do I work out my finger size?

B Jewellery uses standard Australian ring sizing.

As all B Jewellery rings are specially made to order, please note we can not take responsibility or accept any returns based on incorrect ring sizing. Please take care when selecting the right size for your ring.

The most accurate way is to make a quick visit to any of your local jewellery stores and request to try on their ring sizers. Make sure you select the correct finger to measure that you will be wearing your new B Jewellery ring. If you're not confident you have worked out the correct size, drop into a store a couple of times at different times of the day to get a more accurate recording. Your fingers may expand in the heat and therefore your rings may feel tighter on some days or at certain times than others. Your ring should be comfortably secure without being too tight and certainly not too loose so it doesn't fall off.


5. Can I get my purchase gift wrapped? 

Absolutely! We offer free gift wrapping so please just ask us! All items are already packaged up neatly and safely in a white box with navy blue ribbon.  


6. When can I expect to receive my purchase?

Our earring range takes approximately 2-3 weeks for manufacturing and our ring range, 3-4 weeks. You will receive an email notification when we have posted your purchase to the address you have supplied. We are based in Brisbane. For deliveries within Australia we use registered post with either Startrack or Express post with a tracking number and signature on delivery service.


7. Can I return my purchased item?

Unfortunately we can't accept returns due to change of mind. All of our products are made to order so please choose carefully.


8. Can I cancel my order? 

Unfortunately we can't accept cancellations due to change of mind. All of our products are made to order and the manufacturing process begins immediately after your order has been processed so please choose carefully.


9. How do I clean my jewellery?

Please see our 'Caring for your Jewellery' blog post for details.


10. Do you offer Layby?

Yes we do. When you reach the checkout stage of your purchase, the PAYPAL function allows to you schedule your own tailored payments while your special jewellery item is being manufactured. We'll post your item once your final payment has been received. 


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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