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Stone Shapes

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One of the most exciting aspects of selecting your new dress, cocktail or engagement ring is how many different shapes, sizes and colours of gemstones and diamonds there are. It can however become a bit overwhelming at times...!  In this blog post, I will be outlining and describing the various shapes that are available and how you can customise your favourite design for your brand new ring!

1. Round - Particularly in diamond engagement rings the Round shape is the most popular and well known. Rounds are extremely versatile and look beautiful as a single stone ring (solitaire), set in a 3 or multi stone arrangement, surrounded by a halo or cluster of smaller stones.... the list of designs are endless. Perhaps not as common in coloured stone rings, the Round diamond shape is classic and timeless. For an elegant Round coloured gemstone dress ring, have a look at our Leilani design.

2. Princess - A perfectly symmetrical square shape with sharp corners, I think you either love Princess cuts or not. They have been very popular in recent years as diamond engagement rings set with smaller princess cuts in a gold band or in a multi stone ring, Generally speaking however, the 'Princess cut' shape isn't as popular in coloured gemstones.

3. Cushion - Beautiful Cushion cut diamonds or coloured gemstones can be found in square dimensions or longer rectangular shapes and are certainly both very popular! A modern cut Cushion diamond is strikingly beautiful, especially surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Cushion shape Sapphires or semi precious gemstones such as Citrine or Quartz are both popular and beautiful. I don't think you could ever stop loving your Cushion shape gemstone dress ring!

4. Oval - Elegant and unique, the Oval cut diamond has been listed as the most popular fancy shape diamond for 2017. Ovals look stunning, if cut well with excellent proportions; not too long, not too wide. Set your diamond in a 3 stone ring or with a halo and it will be cherished forever. Oval cuts are also very popular as gemstones and commonly found in dress rings or cocktail rings. Our Dahlia ring also looks stunning, with a single oval cut coloured gemstone. 

4. Pear - A recent favourite 'fancy' shape in the diamond world, the Pear cut is also timeless and unique. More commonly found as a diamond cut rather than a coloured gemstone in a dress ring, the Pear cut diamond in my opinion looks best surrounded by a halo of smaller round diamonds. Stunning!

5. Emerald - The perfect diamond shape if you love Antique designs! The Emerald cut is rectangular in shape and looks fantastic as a coloured gemstone in any style cocktail ring. It's the perfect choice if you like things a little different and prefer your designs to be unique and non-traditional! 

6. Heart - The Heart shape is probably one of the least common stone shapes and again I think you'd either love it or not... I think Hearts look lovely as side stones in a 3 stone design, perhaps as as engagement ring or dress ring with a coloured gemstone in the centre.

7. Marquise - A football/petal or boat shape stone the Marquise cut is possibly the least known shape but looks fabulous with 2 Heart or Pear shape diamonds on the side as an example engagement ring style! A big Marquise shaped brightly coloured gemstone would no doubt attract a lot of attention!

The 7 stone shapes I have outlined above are the most common, however there are a few others typically used as accents stones including; trapezoids, baguette cut, tapered baguettes, bullets half-moons and shields. 

Take your pick!



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