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At Sophie Forbes Jewellery we pride ourselves on high quality manufacturing to ensure your beautiful unique pieces last forever. 

We believe one of the most important ingredients in creating jewellery is that each and every piece is made with the utmost care using the highest quality tools and manufacturing processes.  

There are a few factors to consider when determining whether your jewellery has been made to last. 

Materials – Solid Gold vs. Silver.

If you’re looking for a cheap, on-trend item that you will wear a handful of times one season, then Silver jewellery might be your choice. But if you desire stylish, elegant jewellery that won’t tarnish like silver, and that you can depend on lasting a lifetime then we would highly recommend 18 carat solid gold. If you look after your gold jewellery (i.e. don’t wear it rock climbing) and regularly clean using appropriate methods you’ll be able to keep wearing your unique pieces for years to come.

Security – Strong, secure settings to keep stones safe.

It doesn’t matter whether you have one small gemstone or lots of diamonds in your ring, earrings or pendant it is critical that the settings that hold your stones in place are substantial and strong. Your stones will either be secured by claws (beads or prongs) or by a bezel (a solid row of gold surrounding the stone). Both of these setting options must at least be designed to the minimum thickness and strength to 100% guarantee the stones will not fall out as a result of general everyday wear. 

Finish – Smooth shiny finish.

The final phase in manufacturing your quality jewellery is called plating. This is what ensures your jewellery appears polished and shiny and therefore is a critical process in creating your special piece. The beauty of gold jewellery is that it can be re-plated which means every couple of years your rings, earrings or pendants can be polished again and made to look as shiny as they were the first day you wore them.


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