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Minimalist vs. Statement

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Jewellery, just like fashion, is incredibly subjective and every jewellery wearer has a preference to the size, colour, style, designer and price. Whether you prefer minimalism or statement pieces there is no shortage of jewellery options to add to your collection.

Does your jewellery selection depend on the outfits in your wardrobe or is it the other way around? Do you use jewellery to create a bold statement or to simply add a special little detail to your outfit?

Renowned business woman and fashion icon Iris Apfel (pictured) is known for her bold and colourful statement jewellery and believes in the importance of accessorising with attitude. 

“Understated jewellery is not for me…more is more and less is a bore” Iris Apfel.

Are you brave and bold enough to pull off a handful of brightly coloured beaded necklaces and wrist cuffs everyday, like Iris?

Iris Apfel  Tiffany and Co

On the other hand, minimalist jewellery (like the Tiffany and Co. "Diamonds by the Yard" pendant and chain pictured above right) has become very popular over the past few years. Fine, delicate, stackable rings with small geometric shapes and dainty pendants have erupted into the jewellery market with many jewellery companies offering their own flare for minimalism. One of the benefits of minimalist jewellery is that these trinkets delightfully accessorise any outfit without fear of colour clashes or being too OTT!

You can wear just one plain, fine gold ring or stack them all the way to your knuckle and they would still appear simple and delicate. The simplicity of this jewellery design trend is exactly why it is so timeless and may continue to be on trend for many years to come!


What will the next trend be?

Do you prefer fine and delicate or bold and chunky?


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