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Meaningful Jewellery

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Unlike fashion and other accessories, jewellery can carry a uniquely special meaning to both its purchaser and custodian. Every piece can establish and maintain a wonderful memory.

There are endless occasions and milestones in life where a new piece of jewellery can be a beautiful gift. After all, it’s true what they say; great things certainly do come in small packages! A traditional family signet ring for a son growing up, a little girl’s ‘best friends’ necklace, a congratulatory pair of diamond studs for a significant achievement, engagement and wedding rings and of course that special pair of wedding day earrings…the list certainly goes on.

These types of jewellery gifts are meaningful and thoughtful, of a high quality to last a lifetime and are presented with admiration and appreciation. Jewellery therefore is often an incredibly personal symbol of love and can create wonderful memories throughout the milestones of our lives.

An engagement ring is the ultimate romantic gesture which takes weeks, months or even years to save for, design and construct the ideal proposal. A symbol for eternal love, an engagement ring will be admired for years and the memory of the romantic proposal will be cherished forever.

Dresses will date, shoes will wear out and hats will need replacing, but jewellery can be timeless, sentimental and beloved for years.


Please share your stories, what piece of memorable and meaningful jewellery have you received or given to someone special?


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