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    The Blue Semi-precious Gemstone Trend Inspired by Meghan Markle

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    When Meghan Markle wore an aquamarine ring to her wedding reception, everyone immediately wanted to know where to buy one. We take a look at the blue semi-precious gemstone trend, inspired by the royal, sweeping the jewellery industry.

    Women Jewellery Designers, Part 1.

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    “Women Jewellery Designers” is a magnificent book.  A collection of spectacular 20th and 21st century jewellery and an even more fascinating discussion about some talented and creative female jewellers and...

    Minimalist vs. Statement

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    Jewellery, just like fashion, is incredibly subjective and every jewellery wearer has a preference to the size, colour, style, designer and price. Whether you prefer minimalism or statement pieces there...

    Designer Statement Earrings

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    Jewellery industry leaders such as Tiffany, Cartier and Chopard stop at nothing when it comes to creating their new line of high end statement jewellery pieces. The time it takes...

    Meaningful Jewellery

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    Unlike fashion and other accessories, jewellery can carry a uniquely special meaning to both its purchaser and custodian. Every piece can establish and maintain a wonderful memory.


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    It is commonly known that this list of gemstones associated with each month of the calendar year symbolises various qualities and attributes and owning your specific birth month gemstone brings...

    Stone Shapes

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    One of the most exciting aspects of selecting your new dress, cocktail or engagement ring is how many different shapes, sizes and colours of gemstones and diamonds there are. It...

    Quality Manufacturing

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    At Sophie Forbes Jewellery we pride ourselves on high quality manufacturing to ensure your beautiful unique pieces last forever.  We believe one of the most important ingredients in creating jewellery is that each and every piece...

    The Rise of the Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

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    It is common knowledge in history that when a man was ready to propose the most traditional engagement ring choice involved diamonds and gold. From classical solitaire styles to more...

    Caring for your Jewellery

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    Looking after and cleaning your jewellery at home is quick, easy and inexpensive but most of all it is critical in maintaining the brightness and vibrancy of your beautiful gemstones...

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